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This survey is being undertaken as part of the research through the AI PIoneers project and aims to collect data for the development of a complement to the European Commission DIGCOMPEDU skills framework on AI-related knowledge and skills of adult and vocational trainers/ The project of which Pontydysgu's Spanish branch is a part, aims to explore, promote and evaluate the use of AI for Adult Education and Vocational Education and Training, both the use for teaching and training and the curriculum needs of working with AI. The project also aims to support the development of new initiatives and projects using AI as a necessary step towards the mainstreaming of AI n education in Europe.

You don't have to be an expert to fill in the survey - we are seeking the views of teachers trainers, managers and other stakeholders in education and training and adult education from across Europe or even further away.

The survey will take about five minutes to fill in. It is completely anonymous and under no circumstances do we collect personal data. The demographic data we collect will help us to better analyse the survey data.

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