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Skills, courses and qualifications

I've been thinking more about the Skillsmatch project in which Pontydysgu are a partner. We are trying to match up skills for educators in using technology for learning, based on the EU DigCompEdu framework with opportunities for professional development. Having spent quite a lot of time searching for courses and learning opportunities, it seems to me that most such learning provision still consists of long courses (and of course many of which are expensive. True, there is a push from the EU to recognise micro credentials. But at the end of the day, that is about qualifications, which may be important for some, but are not so critical for others who want to learn to improve their practice.

Of course MOOCs and other forms of Open Education are starting to make some inroads (and it is interesting how many people are signing up for free MOOCs. But there is still a long way to go if opportunities for Continuing Professional Development are going to meet the needs being forecast especially with the rapid movement to digitalisation happening in most areas of employment, and of course the increasing use of AI.

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