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MOOC - Artificial Intelligence and Vocational Education and Training

MOOC – Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Vocational Education and Training
This Friday we launch our MOOC on Artificial Intelligence and Vocational Education and Training. Developed through the Erasmus+ Taccle AI project, the MOOC will be asynchronous and the platform available for at least the rest of the year.
The MOOC is available in English and German. Free sign up on Eventbrite:
And here is what the MOOC is all about.
Although there is rarely a day when Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not in the news, and it is increasingly being talked about in education, it does not as yet have an important focus in vocational education and training (VET). Yet VET teachers and trainers are responsible for training the workforce of the future in which AI and automation seems likely to play such a big role. And of course it will be VET teachers and trainers who will design and deliver continuing professional development to upgrade the skills and knowledge of the present workforce and provide retraining for those displaced by the impact of AI and automation on workforce labour demands.

During this Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) you will learn more about the changing world of work and new demand for skills and knowledge. You will also explore what jobs are most (and which least) vulnerable to new technology and what skills will be needed in the future. The course is supposed to take you 5-6 weeks (about 1 week per module).

We will also be looking at the possible impact of AI on the world of education and training. We will be examining a series of different case studies and examples of how AI is being used in vocational schools and in the workplace to understand how it can be used for teaching and learning, ranging from gamification in German VET schools to the use of Chatbots for careers guidance in the UK. Although the examples come from different occupations we think much of what they reveal is transferable between subjects and occupations.

There are five modules to this course.

Module 1 provides an introduction to the course, asking what is AI and providing a brief introduction to the changing world of work, to the use of AI for teaching and learning and to the ethical issues associated with AI

Module 2 looks in detail at the changing world of work , asking to what extent future jobs are threatened by AI and automation and which jobs in particular. It looks at requirements for new skills and knowledge arising from AI and poses the question of how humans and AI can work together?

Module 3 examines the growing use of AI in vocational education and training including for recruiting and motivating students, for creating learning content, for assessment and for administration. The module provides case studies from different countries.

Module 4 focuses on the new skills required by AI. It looks at the reform of existing curricula and qualifications and about the need for reskilling and continuing professional development. The module also looks at the skills and knowledge required of vocational teachers and trainers and how the European Commission DigCompEdu Framework competence framework for using technology for teaching and training can include AI.

The increasing use of AI raises many ethical issues. These are the focus of the final module, module 5.It asks how these ethical issues affect vocational education and training. Is the introduction and use of new technologies inevitable and how can we shape the use of technology for new jobs and new skills?

AI and automation raises many questions for the future of work and of vocational education and training. We cannot pretend to have the answers to these issues. Instead we hope that through developing a community of practice and through processes of reflection, we can collectively advance our understanding and response to the challenges we face.

We have developed this course in what we think is a logical order. But feel free to follow it in any order you wish. If you complete all of the modules, you will be awarded a digital badge. But if that is not so important to you, you can dip in and choose to follow the modules that most interest you.

In each of these modules we pose questions for your ideas and reflection. These can be shared in the online forum provided in this course.

By the end of this course you will be better able to:

- Consider the importance of AI and automation for vocational education and training

- Assess the impact of AI and automation on the future of work and on jobs and occupations

- Plan the integration and use of AI for teaching and learning in vocational education and training

- Develop new curricula and qualifications, incorporating the skills required for AI in occupations in the future

- Discuss the ethical issues posed by the widespread adoption of AI

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