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Over the past year, as part of NATURponty and Pontypridd Green Week,  I've been working with local artists, environmental activists and young people exploring the theme of The Rights of Trees. Last October we held a ceremony in Pontypridd War memorial Park, underneath a 100 year old Giant Redwood with speeches, poems and songs.

Pontypridd pledges respect and protection for trees

Living beings

Leaves to heal nations

Crowns to purify sky

I've collected all of the poetry, prose and ideas from the past year's work and fed them into a chat bot, and now with the help of AI,  you can have a conversation with one of Pontypridd's trees.

Tree bot is still a sapling and is very much Pontypridd orientated, but you can ask it about how to protect trees, the meaning of biodiversity, and even to write a short poem about trees.

Ask a sapling a question at

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