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What's going on?

Gosh - I haven't posted anything here for a month. Not purposefully, but a run of meetings and things which are urgent (sigh) have distracted me. That doesn't mean there has been nothing worth talking about. When my Firefox browser started slowing down today and I found I had over 100 open tags, I discovered nearly half of them were pages I had left open because they seemed good to comment on or to quote and so on.
Mind there does seem to be a bit of a pattern emerging. Lots of people are getting nervous or ambivalent or questioning critiquing the way things are going, not just with technology and education but the whole direction our societies are going (and a lot of that is down to technology. There is a whole rush of reports on AI and ethics and a profusion of ethics frameworks. But also questions about consumption and economic growth and whether a move towards looking at the quality of life would be more useful. And questions over the tendency, as in the UK, to value different courses according to the income of people after they leave education. Learning Analytics - are we measuring the things we really should be - and why are we measuring them anyway. Is the datafication of education a good thing and is it being done the right way.
And of course social media is in the news - although it never seems to be out of it. Should networks like Twitter be owned by the world's richest man. Do distributed networks - the Fediverse - offer a better model of governance? Does it matter if avatars have feet in the Metaverse?

So lots to write about. I'll try and post once a day to get through the backlog. Oh and you can also contact me at @grahamattwell [at] mastodon [dot] social

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