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Changing places - Goodbye Jyväskylä, Hello Helsinki

As I have already mentioned in my previous post, this year has been characterised by many changes. Concerning me personally, the major change has been our move from Jyväskylä to Helsinki in the beginning of March. After so many years with Jyväskylä as our Finnish home base (also during our periods as expatriate researchers abroad) we decided to move to Helsinki. We felt the need to get closer to our family members - most of whom had got settled to the Helsinki area.

So, we made the move and it has been quite a change. So far we have moved since we have taken new jobs - and we have got integrated to our working communities. Now we have moved as retired persons and are learning to make a new start in Helsinki - quite a change. And all this has occurred during the change of the season - from snowy winter in Jyväskylä to sunny spring in Helsinki.

However, after our move we were unfortunate to get infected by the Covid-19 virus. So, that has kept us quiet and slow with our new start in our new environment. But as time passes we hope that we make progress in our recovery. And then we will enjoy our new environment. I hope that I can catch up with that later on with new blog posts.

More blogs to come ...

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