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Future Minds and Machines

LittleVisuals (CC0), Pixabay

The UK based Nesta organisation has published a new report on Artificial Intelligence.

"In The Future of Minds and Machines,"they say, "we introduce an emerging framework for thinking about how groups of people interface with AI and map out the different ways that AI can add value to collective human intelligence and vice versa. The framework has, in large part, been developed through analysis of inspiring projects and organisations that are testing out opportunities for combining AI & CI in areas ranging from farming to monitoring human rights violations. Bringing together these two fields is not easy. The design tensions identified through our research highlight the challenges of navigating this opportunity and selecting the criteria that public sector decision-makers should consider in order to make the most of solving problems with both minds and machines."

"The  report is aimed at innovators working in public sector and civil society organisations who have some experience with participatory methods and want to understand the opportunities for combining machine and collective human intelligence to address social challenges. We hope that it can serve as inspiration for funders who care about determining a trajectory for AI that can bring the broadest possible societal benefit."

The report can be accessed on the Nesta website.


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