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COVID-19 Vaccines: Global Coordination and Equitable Distribution

With the instigation of lock downs at the start of the Covid 19 pandemic, meetings for international projects moved online. In that period while everyone is joining, the conversation was always around the progress of the pandemic (and ensuing restrictions) in the different countries. Now it has moved on to the state of our vaccinations. Although there are differences between different European countries there seems to be some kind of leveling up going on.

But this is not so outside Europe, as this video makes clear. The introduction to the recording of the CNBC programme says that: "Although the rapid development of COVID-19 vaccines has been an extraordinary success, the international distribution of, and access to, vaccines has been uneven at best. Many countries do not yet have sufficient quantities of the vaccines, raising many important scientific, policy, and moral questions. How vaccines are distributed globally will not only impact the long-term duration and subsequent waves of this virus, but will also inform the pace at which the world economy recovers from the COVID-induced downturn."

The video is of a panel session moderated by CNBC Biotech and Pharma Reporter, Meg Tirrell with José Manuel Barroso, Board Chair, Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance; Chairman, Goldman Sachs International; Prime Minister of Portugal (2002-2004); President of the European Commission (2004-2014) and  Strive Masiyiwa, African Union Special Envoy to the African Vaccine Acquisition Task Team (AVATT); Founder and Executive Chairman, Econet Group.

They  discuss some of the challenges inherent in coordinating the global response, as well as the innovative strategies employed to ensure that vaccine distribution is not only equitable, but also contributes positively to both global recovery and local resiliency.

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