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Rwanda teachers on how to safely reopen schools

The issue of safe reopening of schools after lockdowns in the Covid 19 pandemic is contentious in many countries, including the UK. Equally there is a debate going on as to how students can be supported in catching up with missed learning

One of the most interesting report I have seen was posted to the UNESCO ICT CFT Champions network. This is a WhatsApp group bringing together researchers, teachers and trainers predominantly from Africa but also from the wider world.

Vincent from Rwanda posted to the group. explaining that the Rwandan Ministry of Education is planning for schools to reopen after closing due to the COVID 19 pandemic and proposes a gradual reopening of schools with  an emphasis on the well being of both students, teachers school administration sand the entire community. A questionnaire survey composed of multiple choice questions was administered to teachers to understand their viewpoint on the safe reopening of schools.

Sadly the graphic files downloaded from my phone are two small to be clear. But, asked, following an extend period of school closure what in their opening will be the most effective to manage learning loss as a result of Covid 19 the survey had the following results:

  • Providing teacher training 26.6%
  • Motivating students 13,7%
  • Offering remedial catch-up programs and accelerated progams 27.3%
  • Conducting continuous assessment focusing on lesson assessment and end unit assessment 9,7%
  • Adoption of blended learning *both face to face ad online program 22.7%

And asked what in their opinion would be the most challenging aspects of implementing safe school opening, the following were the results:

  • Providing hand washing facilities ins schools 10%
  • Ensuring social / physical distancing, equitable access and quality 41.5%
  • Providing face masks 5.2%
  • Double shifts to allow physical distancing among the students 18.8%
  • Raising awareness among students, teachers schools administrators about the importance of health and hygiene 24.5%

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