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New report on Artificial Intelligence in Vocational Education and Training

The Taccle AI project has launched it's 74 page report exploring the use of AI in policy, process and practice in VET.

For VET teachers and trainers, there are many possible uses of AI including new opportunities
for adapting learning content based on student's needs, new processes for assessment,
analysing possible bottlenecks in learners’ domain understanding and improvement in
guidance for learners.

The project interviewed Vocational Educators and AI experts from across Europe and found that AI poses significant changes to the VET curriculum and pedagogical processes. These changes require important institutional and organisational adaptations, adjustments and improvements, such as better integration into the school organisation by well established bigger teams of VET Teachers, development of learning projects by teacher teams at the school, avoiding becoming too dependent on Industry support, and stronger involvement of collaborative AI projects between training centres and local industry.

Find out more about the project on the Taccle AI website and Download the full report here.

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