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Starting the new year with many changes and new challenges

Yes, the new year 2020 has started already some weeks ago - I hope you all have had a good start of the year.

For me this year will be different from all of what I have experienced so far. I have returned to Bremen as has been the case for so many years before. So far I have always started working further from what I had left behind when going on the holiday break. This time it is not the case.

Concerning my employment status, I am waiting for the decision that settles my terms of retirement starting from the 1st of January 2020. Once I have got the related paperwork settled I will leave Bremen and move back to Finland. However, there are several matters of private nature that keep me moving around before I settle back to the home grounds.

In addition to the above I still have a minor contract for finishing the final duties with the EU-funded project TACCLE4 CPD. This contract will come to end at the end of August this year. However, as I have already delivered my reports for the project, I have a limited number of duties to take care of. So, I am preparing myself to go on retirement via a transitional period. I will be around in Bremen in the beginning of the year and then return for some working periods.

Concerning this blog, I will not be writing that frequently as I have used to. I am no longer in the middle of an active project that keeps me busy with working issues and with lessons learned. Right now I need to give more attention to all kinds of practicalities that need not be discussed on the blog. But, every now and then I will come up with some new issues or with memories. There is still time to reflect on working and learning.

More blogs to come ...  (every now and then)


  1. Pekka Kamarainen 26 January, 2020 at 20:01 Reply

    Thank you very much, Wilfred – Dank je wel! Let us wait first that I really get to the actual retirement phase. In English they have the word ‘semi-retirement’ and in German ‘Unruhestand’. There is a lot truth in both expressions. But I think that there is a lot of wisdom in your good wishes – better take it that way, nice and easy!

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