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Not content with my MA research and a part time lecturing job I'm keeping myself busy working for Pontydysgu, I say working, I'm not sure work is supposed to be quite so interesting, or fun (it's not fun Graham, I'm working really hard, honest!). At the moment I’m trying to find out about the use of personal learning environments in training activities. I need to find some examples of good practice and determine what is actually going on at the moment in terms of using PLEs in training. So far I think that the "personal" bit is a barrier to using PLEs and social software in training. I know that people use Twitter to create their own "Personal Learning Networks" but this is done by individuals looking out for their own personal proffessional development, not by your boss tweeting you the latest Health and Safety updates! Or is it? Suppose I should get to work and find out.

I need to interview PLE developers and researchers, teachers and trainers, or trainees. I’m looking for ideas, answers and comments on the following questions...

1) What ICT is used in training activities in Lifelong Learning?

2) What is the level of use of PLEs in training activities?

3) What are the possibilities of PLEs in training/learning?

4) What has been improved by using PLEs?

5) Who is involved in the promotion and development of the PLE: Past /Present /Future.

6) What are the main achievements of the PLE in training/learning?

7) What are the barriers to the development of the PLE in training activities: technological / social /educational.

8) What is the role of the PLE in lifelong learning/training: is it a suitable tool for managing lifelong learning/training?

9)The future of the PLE in lifelong training strategy: what are the main characteristics which can define the PLE as the training tool of the future? Policy support? Etc

That's a lot to think about 🙂


  1. Paul Richardson 31 July, 2009 at 17:57 Reply

    This looks like interesting work, Angela. I would be interested to know what you mean by training in this context. It sounds like you may be thinking about a work-based context. Am I right? If that’s so, you may be needing quite a relaxed definition of a PLE in order to find examples of current usage. But U would love to be proved wrong. cheers Paul

    • angelarees 31 July, 2009 at 18:15 Reply

      Yes, it is work-based, the end product should be a tool to assist in the employment of disabled people. The aim is for it to be a PLE and I assume it will be a PLE of the more relaxed definition!

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