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Green Circle Project

Environmental change has a strong impact on the construction industry, which creates a need for new skills, competences and knowledge in the workforce to achieve a green transition in construction.

In this context, Green Circle project aims to identify, develop, test, and assess the use of micro-credentials in the construction sector to achieve a green transition, while demonstrating the potential for mainstreaming and transfer to other sectors.

Green Circle project will not simply offer a collection of learning resources. The work carried out will show how a rigorous description of job profiles, learning needs, learning opportunities, and the relationships between them can, with appropriate technological support, facilitate the emergence of an ecosystem based on micro-credentials, and linking skills providers, employees, potential entrants to the workforce, and employers.

Actions to be implemented

a) a systematic review of existing provision of short courses and micro-credentials in the construction sector;

(b) a framework for the implementation of micro- credentials;

(c) a catalogue of skills for the green transition in the construction sector;(d) micro-credential principles and open design methodology;

(e) guidelines for new forms of assessment.

These outputs are applied in the development of 8 micro- credentials for the construction sector, evaluated in pilots in Germany, Greece, Portugal, and Spain.

The Green Circle project is funded with the support of European Commission within the framework of Erasmus+ programme call “Partnerships for Innovation - Forward Looking Projects”, running until 2026 and aiming to look at the present and future skills to upgrade the working force on the construction sector by the use of micro-credentials.

The project involves 11 partners from Greece, Germany, Spain, Portugal, coming from VET Schools, Construction Companies, Universities and Research and innovation organizations. (soon)

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