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AI Energy: a Vocational school project in Germany

In the work we have been doing over the past three years around the use of Artificial Intelligence in Vocational Education and Training, one of the most frequent requests from teachers and trainers has been for examples of how people are doing this. We are picking up on this under the new Erasmus + Large scale project - AI Pioneers. And my colleague Ludger Deitmer, from the ITB at the University of Bremen, is doing a great job funding examples of teaching with and about AI in the German vocational schools and seeking videos and other materials about what schools are doing. By no means every vocational school is using AI, but there seems to be a growing number developing projects and experiments, especially reflecting on how AI is going to change the nature of work in different occupations.

The video above (in English) is from the Berufsbildende Schulen 2 in Wolfsburg who have developed a project on AI and energy. They say:

Energy saving and green energy is the most important topic for all of us to survive on our wonderful planet earth.

We see many opportunities to reach this goal all together.

We would like to show that energy saving does not cost money – it will payback after a few years.We want to combine artificial with human intelligence to solve this challenge.

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