Project Website: www.taccle.eu

With the support of the European Commission
within the framework of LLP.
A Comenius multilateral project (2007-2009)

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Learning environments offer excellent opportunities for stimulating lifelong learning in both compulsory and adult education. The creation of high quality content for learning environments is essential for the successful use of this new way of learning. It is important to train teachers how to create such content and this is the main aim of our project: training teachers to create content for learning environments. By providing such a training we will contribute to the establishment of a culture of innovation in the educational organisations of all teachers who follow our training. This will directly contribute to achieve the aim “to support the development of innovative ICT-based content, services, pedagogies and practice for lifelong learning” set out in the aims of the LLP programme.

What we want to achieve:

  • To train teachers to create content for electronic learning environments in the context of the didactical design of an e-learning course
  • To enable teachers to identify and decide which ICT tools and content are most useful for certain study purposes.
  • To teach teachers how to create learning content using information design, web standards, usability criteria and reusability of learning objects (text, images, animations, audio, video, …). focussing on learning content which enables active, interactive and cooperative learning processes.
  • To enhance the quality of learning environments in education by training teachers how to use them
  • To create resources for teachers to help them with the use of learning environments in pedagogically sound way
  • To stimulate the implementation of new approaches to ICT teacher training related to the concept of lifelong learning, knowledge sharing and peer learning.
  • To stimulate teachers to share the developed content with their colleagues using existing repositories.

Achieving these aims and objectives by offering a European based in-service training course with resources will ensure that teachers will be able to use learning environments in an optimal way. They will be able to develop learning objects (content) for use in such an environment. This will ensure that learning in general will become a more flexible process.