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Angela Marie Gerrard Karadog

I am a qualified teacher, experienced in Secondary and FE settings, and since 2009 I have been working as a project manager, researcher and trainer for Wales (and Spain) based education research company, Pontydysgu Ltd. My specialist areas include technology enhanced learning, teacher training in ICT and, Digital media and information literacies. I work on a variety of EC-funded multi-national education projects. I headed up the media literacy pilot project "Media In Action" (co-funded by DG CONNECT) as well as the Erasmus+ Young Entrepreneurs Teaching Initiative project. I'm also responsible for the EmployID Academy, part of the 7th Framework EmployID project. I'm currently coordinating; a mobile learning in communities project, Our Town; a CPD in ICT for teachers and trainers project, TaccleCPD; and a Circular Economy for Youth project CEYOU, as well as being a key staff member on SMaRT-EU amongst others.

My role varies according to the needs of the project. In recent years I have produced teacher training materials in the field of ICT, created e-learning materials, delivered training in media literacy and community journalism, created online environments and helped build online communities of practice, delivered an online course in basic video editing, created and delivered an online introduction to creativity and been closely involved in the development and evaluation of a peer-coaching course. I even helped to set up a community food waste reduction scheme! I recently lead the creation of and tutored on a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) for Public Employment Service staff, with over 400 participants around the world. I  also delivered workshops in Tallinn for primary school teachers to train them in delivering the new Digital Skills Framework and other Coding Curricula across Europe as part of Taccle3.

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Current Projects

Past Projects





Pontydysgu Ltd 2009-present

Pontydysgu is a small education research company which provides e-learning software solutions and training.

My role includes creating and administrating websites, blogs, wikis, MOOCs and LMSs as well as creating digital content such as podcasts, screencasts, slidecasts, internet radio and social media.  I have delivered training to youth workers in creating internet radio and to careers professionals at Careers Wales in using Web2.0, ICT tools and mobile technologies. I am project manager for two European projects; Media in Action and Young Entrepreneurs Teaching Initiative.  I also work on the 7th Framework project; EmployID on both the technical and pedagogical side of the public facing EmployID Academy creating Open Educational Resources for PES professionals and other interested parties. I am also creating and collecting digital content for the Taccle3 website and series of resources to support teachers across Europe with the new computing curriculum. I have been involved in a number of other Europe-wide projects including PwD - using PLEs to deliver training in the employment of people with disabilities, Politics – a digital storytelling project to promote political awareness in young people and G8Way – using web2.0 to support people leaving education or changing career by identifying skills gaps and signposting training solutions.  I am also involved with applying for funding through EU sources and charities such as Nominet. Between 2010 and 2014 I was responsible for the financial administration for the company such as payroll, expenses, project finance claims, and company accounts.

Coleg Glan Hafren, 2009-2011. Lecturer

I taught Access to Higher Education Chemistry and Physics, AS Chemistry, GCSE Science, GCSE Maths, and Access Maths at level 2. I was also Moodle Champion for the Lifelong Learning Faculty and delivered staff training in the use of Moodle.

Newport City Council Community Learning and Libraries, September 2008. Lecturer

I taught courses in Basic Skills Numeracy, GCSE Mathematics, Forensic Science, Environmental Science, GCSE Science, and other community education projects.

Swansea College December 2007 – July 2008  Lecturer

I worked as lecturer in GCSE science BTEC Applied Science and International Baccalaureate Environmental Studies.

Edexcel. July 2007 - 2009 Examiner

Treorchy Comprehensive School, September 2006 – July 2007, Rhondda. Full time Chemitry Teacher

I completed my NQT induction period whilst teaching a full timetable. I attended access and inclusion meetings and carried out target setting and updating IEPs for my pupils. I also attended INSET courses on ASD, Learning to learn, and Maintaining practical science in challenging situations. I created interactive resources for Rhondda Cynon Taff’s Virtual Learning Environment.

Cwmcarn High School, Caerphilly; January 2006 – July 2006, Full Time Chemistry Teacher

I was responsible for a year 8 form group to which I taught PSE. I was also responsible for both AS and A2 chemistry.

Tutorscafe.com. September 2005 – 2013 Personal Tutor.

New Directions, Cardiff; October 2005 –Present,

Llanishen High School, Cardiff; September 2005 – December 2005,

British Biocell International LTD, January 2004 –September 2004 Research and Development Technician.

Legal and General Assurance, Cardiff; October 2003 - January 2004,

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University of Wales Newport, (USW) 2012

MA Special Educational Needs

Swansea Institute of Higher Education, Swansea 2004 - 2005

PGCE: Science with Chemistry (11-18) Including “Welsh for Beginners” optional course.

University of Liverpool, Merseyside 1999 - 2003

BSc Hons: Chemistry with Pharmacology 2:2

University of Liverpool Centre for Continuing Education, Liverpool 2001 - 2003

65 credits in Business Studies.

Newcastle-Under-Lyme FE College, Staffordshire 1997 - 1999

A-Levels; Biology, Chemistry, Physics

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Artificial Intelligence for Schools AI@School

CiCi the Career chat bot CareerChat

Social Media Resilience Toolkit SMaRT-EU

Circular Economy for Youth CEYOU

Our Town

CPD for ICT in Education and Training Taccle4 CPD

Young Entrepreneurs Teaching Initiative yetierasmus.eu

Media In Action mediainaction.eu

Advisory Board member for Mind Over Media - Europe

EmployID http://employID.eu

Pontydysgu works alongside other organisations as a member of the EmployID project consortium. My personal responsibility is for the EmployID Academy, a public facing repository of Open Educational Resources, some in course format and some as stand alone tutorials. I implement the technical side of the platform, choosing and maintaining plugins to allow features such as social networking capability and course structures. I have also written resources on Creativity, Digital Identity, and creating video and am working on resources in facilitation for online courses. I am also closely involved with the Peer Coaching Online Course for Public Employment Services (PES). I work with the Learning Analytics teams and have produced infographics based on data collected in Google Analytics. I worked extensively on the development of an online community of practice(COP) for the Slovenian PES. I also produced the user manual for the Labour Market Information tool. Most recently I worked on creating a content coding framework for recognising facilitation in the COP and other learning platforms.

Taccle 3 www.taccle3.eu/English

I work on the Erasmus+ funded project Taccle3 which is creating materials and holding workshops for teachers to support the introduction of new computing curricula in schools across Europe. I lead the collection and selection of resources and I run the social network accounts for dissemination of the project. I also contribute to the website and blogs and have written example lesson plans.

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Past Projects

Taccle 2 http://taccle2.eu

I wrote a significant part of and edited a handbook for teachers in embedding ICT into STEM classrooms.

RadioActive http://radioactive101.eu

G8Way http://g8way-eu.net/index.php

PWD http://www.pwdemploy.net/

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Other research interests

The following are ‘hobby projects’ which I pursue without funding;

Babitech - I write a blog about apps, software and technologies combining reviews with real life observations of pre school children using technology. As a result of this I have presented my findings at two PLE conferences and secured work with Telefonica. http://babitech.wordpress.com

Dysgu Ponty is an as yet unfunded project which turns the local environment and community into a learning resource through Augmented Reality and QR codes. **Update** This is now being continued as the Erasmus+ project OurTown

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Teaching experience

I am a qualified teacher with a PGCE and  seven years teaching experience in Secondary school and FE college and I have worked as a teacher-trainer since 2009. I have written and delivered schemes of work and lesson plans corresponding to the National Curriculum and Exam syllabi, and have created the accompanying resources. More recently I devised a curriculum and linked award system in media education linked to the European key skills for lifelong learning framework. I have also delivered workshops and training to groups such as Youth leaders, teachers, Careers professionals. (Careers Wales - Using web2.0 tools) and NHS staff (Introduction to Evernote). I was also contracted to produce training materials for Telefonica’s Digital Guru Pilot.

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Towards Creative Mobile Learning in
Community Focused Place-Based Education
Angela Gerrard

Published journal articles, books and chapters

OUR TOWN - Towards Creative Mobile Learning in Community Focused Place-Based Education
Angela Gerrard in 'Critical Mobile Pedagogy: Cases of Digital Technologies and Learners at the Margins' Edited By John Traxler and Helen Crompton available from https://www.routledge.com/Critical-Mobile-Pedagogy-Cases-of-Digital-Technologies-and-Learners-at/Traxler-Crompton/p/book/9780367204570?fbclid=IwAR0zY5nlUr1B4MYNGpWcmw_iKaBnnsfd77MxET6vLfFJoeihXBYjc5iiD30 Open Access version of chapter here.

Wolf, C., Schaefer, T., Ćurković, K., Vlahović, T., Rees, A. and Tschank, J. (2018) 'Empowering Public Employment Service Practitioners’ peer facilitation with peer coaching training', International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring, 16 (1), pp. 95-109. doi: 10.24384/000471 available from https://radar.brookes.ac.uk/radar/items/236d9fb0-31d8-4af3-acac-3f6d146eb628/1/

Empowering Change in Public Employment Services: The EmployID Approach, 2016 Editors: Andreas P. Schmidt, Christine Kunzmann 2016 ISBN-13: 978-1533642004 ISBN-10: 1533642001  http://employid.eu/sites/default/files/Deliverable_Y2_Public_Final.pdf 

Empowering Change in Public Employment Services: The EmployID Approach . Part II, 2017 Editors: Andreas P. Schmidt, Christine Kunzmann  http://employid.eu/sites/default/files/Y3_Book.pdf

E-learning for teachers of STEM, 2015. Authors:Fernando Albuquerque Costa, Jan Bierweiler, Linda Castañeda,Nicholas Daniels, Kylene DeAngelis, Koen DePryck, BrunaDurazzi, Giulio Gabbianelli,Isabel Gutiérrez, Jeroen Hendrickx, Jenny Hughes, Laura Malita,Mª Paz Prendes, Mario Procaccini, Angela Rees, Pedro Reis, Mª delMar Sánchez, Anne-Marie Tytgat, Katleen Vanden Driessche. Editors:Jenny Hughes, Angela Rees,

RadioActive101 Practices, 2014. Authors :Maria José Brites, Andrew Ravenscroft, James Dellow, Colin Rainey, Ana Jorge,Sílvio Correia Santos, Angela Rees, Andreas Auwärter, Daniel Catalão, MagdaBalica and Anthony F. Camilleri Editors: CIMJ - Centro de Investigação Media e Jornalismo

Metodologias Participativas: Os media e a educação - Chapter 4 RadioActive and Badges Andreas Auwärter, Ingo Dahn & Angela Rees

Editors: Maria José Brites, Ana Jorge & Sílvio Correia Santos http://www.livroslabcom.ubi.pt/pdfs/20150629-2015_10_metodologias_participativas.pdf

Technical Report: RadioActive Europe: promoting engagement, informal learning and employability of at risk and excluded people across Europe through internet radio and social media (RadioActive101)

Andrew Ravenscroft · Maria José Brites · Andreas Auwärter ·Magda Balica · Angela Rees · Justin Fenech · Sílvio Santos · Colin Rainey · James Dellow

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Conferences presented at

  • PLE2013

Tracking pre school chldren’s developmental milestones in technology. Paper presentation and cafe style discussion about my work at the Personal Learning Environments ‘un-conference’

  • PLE2014

How babies learn technology. Q&A session about learning theories applied to early years acquisition of skills in technology.

Radio Active101. Lead a workshop about using internet radio as an educational intervention and pathway to employment for young people who could be identified as NEET and for all people at risk of exclusion.

  • Taccle2 Launch Conference

Workshop - hands on ICT for teachers

Workshop - Internet Radio for schools

  • Media Literacy Expert Group meeting, Brussels, December 2017

See this blog post for details of the presentation

Conferences and events attended

PLE 2013 (Berlin)

PLE2014 (Tallinn)

Health Education England Show and TEL 2014 (London)

NDLE2015 (Cardiff)

BETT 2015 (London)

Learning Technologies Summer Forum 2015

JISC Networking Event, Summer 2015 (Cardiff)

Professional Identity Transformation in European PES (London 2015)

Tech Dragons Spring Event 2016 (Cardiff)
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WordPress; able to use WordPress to create dynamic and interactive web content such as a website, blog, resource repository, social network, forum, MOOC or online course, e-commerce site.

Proficient in using and writing wikis.

Good knowledge of Social media and social analytics to track usage data such as bounce rate, wrote and currently heading up social media policy for Taccle3 project.

Proficient in use of Microsoft office products Word, Excel, Powerpoint and their web based alternatives.

Ability to create and broadcast internet radio.

Ability to create and edit media such as audio, video and animation


Former director of finances for Pontydysgu, able to action payroll, internet banking, PAYE, end of year accounts, management accounts, tax returns, travel and subsistence claims, petty cash, administrating and claiming project funding. Using and creating spreadsheets, google forms, online surveys, storing files, arranging appointments, managing budgets.


Able to arrange meetings, chair meetings, take minutes, project manage funding bids with multiple applicant partners, head up project work packages and outputs.


Working on multi-partner projects and networks to achieve a common goal. Self-motivation to work well independently. Knowledge and experience of applying for project funding.

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