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Career Pathways Learning - What is LMI and why is it important?

As part of the Career Pathways project partners have produces a series of OERs for professional development of teachers, trainers and careers professionals.

Learning objectives

  • To distinguish different types of labour market information (LMI).
  • To consider why LMI is important for careers education and guidance.
  • To identify a range of sources of LMI.
  • To explore types of formats in which LMI is presented.
  • To reflect on some limitations of LMI from different sources
  • To examine tools for accessing different sources of LMI.

What is LMI?

There are different types of labour market information (LMI). For example:

  • ‘Hard LMI’ typically refers to data gathered directly from the labour market and / or employer surveys on a geographic and / or sector basis to provide a statistical picture of current and likely future employment and skills trends.
  • ‘Soft LMI’, in contrast, refers to information collected from a range of other, less official sources, like meetings or conversations with employers, or the experiences of particular jobs provided by people working in those jobs.

Labour market intelligence represents a further, important distinction. It refers to the interpretation of hard labour market data for different purposes and is what career practitioners and teachers find most useful for the career guidance process.

Video: What is LMI?

Continue to the full OER to learn more and watch the short video presentation exploring different forms of labour market data.

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